First Time Buyer Tips

For those of you who are embarking on buying your first home, here are a few pieces of advice.

  1. Make sure you have seen a mortgage adviser and have a AIP (agreement in principle, also know as MIP/DIP)
  2. Make sure you have chosen a solicitor/conveyancer as you will be asked for this when you make an offer/your offer is accepted.
  3. If you are being gifted money by someone for either the whole amount or some of your deposit, have a letter ready from them to give to your conveyancer confirming this.
  4. Don’t view properties that are out of your price range on the off chance that the owner will take a lower offer unless the agent has confirmed they definitely would do. It leads to an unrealistic approach to what your money can and can’t buy, and ultimately you are likely to end up disappointed.
  5. An extension of point 4, but be honest with the estate agents about what you are after and see if this is realistic or not for your price range. If it isn’t look at what your happy to compromise on or look further away from your desired location.

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