Moving to the Countryside?



Living in the countryside is an often talked-about dream. Excellent walks on your doorstep, local produce, rolling hills, and a good local pub are all aspects of moving to the countryside that people imagine they will be able to enjoy. But is the dream all it’s cracked up to be?

What’s worth bearing in mind? Everything is a car journey away. Whether it is to the local supermarket, or taking the children out, it isn’t on your doorstep. Coffee shops, bars and restaurants are not only also further away but there there are a lot less to choose from. You can kiss goodbye to your dinner being delivered to your door. Other things to consider are that the WiFi is slower and phone signal is patchy. There is also a chance you might be an outsider for sometime. 

One big point to remember is affordability. In many parts of the UK moving to the countryside is the cheaper option for housing, and that is of course a big plus. However this isn’t always the case. Where I am in the South East, although house prices are cheaper than London and Brighton, (which are the places we often see people moving out from) sadly you still don’t get a great deal for your money. On a daily basis I see people who have somewhere between £400,000 to £500,000 and think they will be getting a detached house with character, a good size garden and stunning views. Unless you are happy with an estate location, the reality is a 3 or 4 bed semi detached house with a fair sized garden and maybe some views if you are lucky. So make sure you really do your homework on house prices to avoid disappointment on your countryside dream. For those of you who are still unsure, having an honest conversation with the local estate agents about what you are looking for is a good idea.

That being said if all of that doesn’t sound too bad, then moving to the countryside is a wonderful thing. The fresh air and green open spaces are a serious plus. Everything feels much more peaceful and private. You won’t be kept awake at night by traffic, instead you will be able to hear the birds or the wind outside. Personally I frequently wake up to hearing horses hooves on the lane outside when the horse riders are out.

Although admittedly there are less events to go to compared to city living, when there is something going on it is usually well attended and a good laugh. Each year we go to an open air theatre production where everyone takes a picnic and plenty of wine. Other popular occasions in the calendar often include proms on the green and a Christmas pantomime.

The must-haves for anyone living in the countryside include wellies and a big thick waterproof coat. The woodburning stove is also a godsend, not only are they just glorious to sit by reading a good book in the colder months, but they are a handy way to help keep the house warm alongside the oil-fired central heating you are likely to have living in the country. Finally for those of you who want space to grow your own vegetables or to keep chickens then a rural location is the perfect place. However do remember you will never be short of eggs, it sometimes feels like every gate you pass they are being sold.






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