Moving Day – Welcome Pack

Moving day can often be pretty stressful; full of boxes, strong coffee, removals and possibly one to many phone calls too the solicitor and estate agent asking if you’ve completed yet. *awkward*

So when the new homeowners finally walk through the door what better way for them to feel at home than to discover a little welcome pack. I know some people will be thinking, who has time for that?! But it is genuinely something that quite a few people do and personally I think it is a lovely idea.

It isn’t extravagant, it usually consists of a bottle of wine which is definitely needed by the end of moving day, maybe a box of chocolates, but most importantly handy information about the place that the new owners will be very grateful to have at their fingertips!

Below is what I would say are the best things to leave details on:

  • how to work the heating
  • manuals for the appliances
  • a ‘best of’ list for nearby pubs, restaurants, takeaways etc
  • quirks of the house
  • information on the garden and how to look after it
  • local GP, dentist & vet
  • names and numbers of the neighbours (with their permission)

If you are able to do this you will certainly make moving day that little bit easier for your buyers, and hopefully you will receive the same when you move into your new home!







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