Top 3 Factors That Affect Property Value

I often get asked by friends and family what the biggest factors are that impact the value of their homes, so I thought it was about time to share my opinion in a post.

When most people raise this topic with me, the majority already own their own homes and automatically jump to thinking about re-doing the kitchen, sprucing up the bathrooms and tending to the garden to make it look more presentable. It would be wrong to say these things aren’t important, but actually the savvy homeowners are the ones who thought about influencing factors before they made an offer on their home all those years ago.

This is because you tend to find the biggest factors that affect the value are things you have no control over and I have outlined them below.


This is probably the biggest factor, whether you are in close proximity to a train station for commuters to being within the boundaries of a national park, if you are in the right location you are much more likely to demand a higher price and sell quicker.

School Catchment Areas

Granted this is a variation of location but this is crucial if you are in an area that has an outstanding school. From state primaries to a grammar schools if you are within this catchment this is much more likely to secure you a sale compared to being just outside if it.


Decent broadband speeds and phone signals are not always something you instantly think of as being something to consider, but over the years I have seen several house sales scuppered or not even get off the ground due to a slow Internet connection that makes it impossible for those who work from home or run their own business.

As always if you have any questions just ask!


All photos were found on Pinterest and are not my own, they are property of their respective publishers.


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