Winter Proofing Your Home

As winter is fast approaching, I thought it would be worth looking at what steps you can take to get your home ready for winter while time is still on your side. If you get the jobs that you have been putting off done now, chances are it will save you time and money when winter really does set in.

  1. Repair any windows and doors that might be damaged or broken: the last thing you want is a cold draught or water coming in during the colder months. If not fixed these might even end up as a point of target for burglars getting in.
  2. Replace any missing or loose tiles in the roof: high winds over winter will only mean the potential for more to come off if they aren’t on and secured properly.
  3. Sticking with the roof, now is a perfect time to check for any leaks: rain and snow over winter will make these a bigger problem and the last thing you want is a bigger bill because you didn’t sort it sooner as well as a loft full of soggy belongings!
  4. A few extra layers of loft insulation can make a massive difference to how warm your home will be this winter, and if you already have it there is no harm in checking it is all in good condition.
  5. If you have an open fire or wood burner now is not only the time to get your log supplies but it is also an opportunity to get the chimney swept and check for any cracks inside.
  6. Now is the perfect time to give your gutters a clear-out: granted it isn’t a nice job, but doing it means that water can flow through and reduce the risk of damp getting in.
  7. Bleeding your radiators now is also a good idea to make sure they are running in tip top condition over the colder months when you need them the most.




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