Dream Oast House

Oast Houses are one of my very favourite styles of property so I thought it was only right to do a post about them, their history and style.

Traditionally these buildings were used to dry hops as part of the brewing process, but nowadays most of these beautiful places have been converted and provide stunning and quirky homes due their height and the kilns being either a round or square shape.

oast house 1

Kent and Sussex are where you will find the majority of these properties; however they can also be found in Surrey, Herefordshire, Hampshire and Worcestershire. The earliest known surviving oast house is located in Cranbrook (a gorgeous small town in Kent) and dates back to the 17th Century.

If any of you are from further afield (such as Tasmania to be precise) you might also be familiar with the concept of an oast house: this is due to a few individual hop growers who moved out there from Kent in the 19th Century and started growing hops again once they had settled.

oast house 2

oast house 3

They really do provide incredible family homes, I have see the old kilns making the most fantastic kitchens, sitting rooms and master bedrooms during my time so far in property.

Edmondson Interiors, who have a showroom in Goudhurst, Kent worked on a bespoke kitchen in an oast house last year. I thought I would include one of their photos to show just how incredible these kitchens can be. If you’re the owner of an oast house in need to ideas it might provide you with inspiration or you may even want to get in touch with the team yourself to get their help – details below!

oast house kitchen.jpg

Watch out for more dream properties in future posts. 

 Edmonson Interiors – 01580 212934


All photos are property of their respective publishers.


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