‘Finishing Touches’ – staging

I’ve decided to do a little series of posts about guidance to selling your property under the name of ‘Finishing Touches’. They won’t be every week more like every few Sundays but there is lots to talk about, so lets get started with staging.

When you make the decision to sell realistically you will need to prepare before going live onto the market. Most of us have plenty of clutter and have started to look past the jobs that really need doing; putting the shelf up, painting the spare bedroom (and I bet you’ve had the paint for well over a year), we’ve all been there.

This is a gentle reminder to not only do those jobs but also to think about staging. I always say to people, imagine you were going for an interview, you would want to look presentable, you would wear something smart, do your hair and probably put on a bit of make up. The same principle applies to selling your home so it is ready for photographs and viewings. I would also really recommend professional photography but that’s a whole other post so I won’t go there now.

Before your viewings think about setting the scene, play to the strengths of your property and minimise its weaknesses. Examples of this could be with a small box bedroom, you will most likely have the bed and maybe a chest of draws/small wardrobe in there. You need to make sure the majority of all the other little bits are either chucked out, moved or put away. It is always a good idea to make little rooms inviting, I would really recommend a few nice cushions on the bed and maybe a reed diffuser or candle on the window ledge/shelf in a room like this. On the other end of the spectrum, for those of you with big rooms make sure they aren’t totally bare. Again it is important to declutter but not to the point where you hardly have anything left because people often struggle to imagine how a place would look with nothing in, they need to see themselves living in the room.

Keeping the place clean is also very important. In rooms like the kitchen ensure that you don’t leave dishes on the side or cook something smelly like fish or a curry beforehand. It may sound obvious but the amount of times I have walked into a house with viewers to find cereal bowels on the side and crumbs all over the surfaces is unbelievable. Also try and make sure your windows are clean, you have vacuumed up. Outside mow the lawn and if you have a dog pick up any poo, nobody wants to be stepping in that!

Finally, another nice touch is getting fresh flowers into some of your rooms. Florists’ flowers are always lovely and usually they will be happy to help you choose ones to go with your colour schemes, but if that is a bit over your budget other ways to do it without costing a fortune are cutting some from your garden (for the green-fingered people amongst us) or otherwise go supermarkets as many have flowers reduced at the end of the day.

These points are only the start and I could go on for ages, but it is important to master the basics as it really will help to sell your property.






Photography by Charles CK.


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