Top 3 Cookery Books

I haven’t actually counted the number of cookery books I own, all I can say is that I have an awful lot of them. So with that in mind, you might think that trying to pick my top 3 was a tough choice.. you’d be wrong. I have several which I go back to time and time again, so much so that they have bits of the recipes on the pages and they are starting to look a bit battered, but I think that is all part of the charm of having your favourite cook books.

In no particular order my top 3 are the following..

A Love For Food – Daylesford 

I love this book and reminds me of everything I love about the Daylesford farm shop in Kingham. Simply stylish but such good quality. Although there are some stunning photographs they have kept true to the roots of a cookery book and it is packed with recipes and to top things off they are sectioned off into seasons. Perfect! Personal favourites include Venison Cottage Pie with Beetroot and Apple Salad and the Butternut Squash, Honey and Sage Soup – can you tell I’m a big fan of autumn?! All I need now is for Ocado to start delivering to Newcastle so I can still eat all their lovely food when I relocate.


Nigellissima – Nigella Lawson

I love Italian food and this book does not disappoint. It accompanied the television series Nigella did a few years back and I think it is just brilliant. There is a lovely combination of different recipes, I try to cook more complicated dishes at the weekend and I find this book accommodates that along with quicker midweek recipes very well. I absolutely love the Prawn Pasta Rosa and the Meatzza.


Duchy Originals Cookbook – Duchy Originals

This is another cookery book set out in seasons which, as I’m sure you have guessed by now, makes me very happy. I also love the information about Duchy Originals that is packed into this book. From where their Kelly Bronze turkeys are reared to how root vegetables are grown, there is so much to help the reader connect to where their food comes from. You can only buy Duchy Originals from Waitrose and I am a big fan. Crumble Mince Slices and Smoked Mackerel Risotto are certainly winners in this book for me.



If would definitely recommend that you try and get hold of these cookery books, you won’t be disappointed.



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