Chapel Down

I promise I’m not always at a vineyard! It just so happened to be that I needed to go on a wine shopping trip to Chapel Down before I relocate and bank holiday Monday was the perfect opportunity.

As I mentioned in my other vineyard post I am a big fan of Chapel Down. My family and I have been drinking their wine for quite a few years and earlier this summer I got the chance to go on a wine tour and tasting trip in Tenterden where they are based. If you are thinking about going I would definitely recommend it. It was really informative and they are very generous with the amount of wine they let you taste. They also have a great restaurant called The Swan on site and it’s the perfect place for lunch or dinner if you want to make a day of it.

If you are looking for suggestions on what to buy my personal favourites include Three Graces 2010, Bacchus Reserve 2014, Kits Coty Chardonnay 2013, and Wickham Estate Red 2011.

Links below for details.




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