Autumn Has Arrived

The colours, clothes, food and home comforts are all things that I love about autumn. For me there is nothing better than wrapping up under a warm blanket on a chilly evening with the lights down low and enjoying a hot drink.. or a glass of wine!

I am also a massive fan of christmas (I’m trying very hard not to listen to christmas music at the moment) so for me Autumn is a step in that direction and is one to really enjoy along the way. There may well be more posts with more autumnal treats along the way.

But for now the top 5 things I am loving are –

  1. My thick and cosy Zara jumper, it’s in a really dark grey and goes really well with jeans and oh boy is it cosy!
  2. Blankets, I have two favourites at the moment and they’re both from the National Trust. I was really surprised when I went to Sissinghurst Castle Garden over the summer to see a wide range of them all in different patterns and colours! It’s not somewhere you would think to look but I would definitely suggest you do if you are on the hunt for blankets.
  3. Coffee. It’s not like I ever stop drinking coffee, all summer I have been having cup after cup, but when autumn arrives the flavours change and I like to embrace this. Of course PSL from Starbucks is a winner, but lots of independent coffee shops do seasonal flavours as well and I just can’t help myself.
  4. Candles, I won’t go on again about this considering I did a whole post on my current top seasonal candles right now, but if you want to see more about them check out that post because I am totally addicted.
  5. Reddish-browns and rich berry coloured lipsticks, to be honest I love and wear these shades all year round, but at this time of year it’s even more appropriate and there are so many stunning colours to choose from. My very favourite brand of lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury and for me the best shades for this time of year from CT are Glastonberry, Night Crimson and Walk of Shame

If you’re missing summer, give some of these a try and see if you get some autumn vibes. Enjoy!




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