‘Finishing Touches’ – the spare room

So often the spare room becomes a dumping ground for all the items you have nowhere else to put or don’t know what to do with and it ends up looking like a bomb has hit it. Having recently moved I ended up accidently finding myself doing this, there were suitcases, a printer, spare clothes and much, much more filling the room!

Last weekend we finally decided to sort it out, and thank goodness we did. It looks so much better and weirdly feels like we have more space because we can actually use the room now.

It got me thinking, if you’re going to be moving and your spare room(s) are in the same state make sure you sort them out before the photos are taken! Yours might not be, and I hope so for you sake, as messy as ours was, but it is still worth having a clear out and making it look like a useable room rather than being a room in a property that people look at and think hasn’t been used to it’s full potential, or even feels smaller than it actually is.

I think if you can put in a few extra homely touches like some cushions, artwork and even some beauty bits on the dresser it makes it feel and look more lived in rather than an uninspiring spare room.

Ultimately if it helps sell your property it’s worth putting the time aside to sort it out.





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