A Day Out In – Newcastle

I recently returned back to Newcastle. I studied at Northumbria University and decided to make it home a year after graduating and personally I think it’s a real hidden gem. The city is fantastic with an abundance of great shops and restaurants and there is also the quayside which has a great vibe. An added bonus is that the countryside and coastline is only a short drive away, so if the hustle and bustle is getting too much you can quickly get some peace and quiet.

I thought I would do a guide for a day out in this fabulous place that quickly became my other home.

Food & Coffee

Morning – There are lots of great places to have breakfast the top one for me has to be Arlo in West Jesmond which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. This might require a short metro journey from the city centre itself but it is definitely worth it. They serve anything from a full english breakfast to crushed avocado on toast. It is a very popular place with just about everyone so you may have to wait a little while, but I promise it’s worth the wait.

Lunch/Afternoon Tea – Back in town a great place for lunch or afternoon tea is Olive and Bean. They do a wide range of sandwiches but the cakes and tiffins have to be the winners here, they are all baked fresh daily so the choice does change, but my favourite is cranberry and white chocolate tiffin – absolutely delicious!!

Coffee Break – If you find yourself needing a coffee at any point during the day, and lets face it who doesn’t, then look no further than the Ouseburn Coffee Company. You can get their coffee either in their coffee shop in Jesmond called the Harvest Canteen or if you’re in town you can find them in the Fenwicks Food Hall. They are independent coffee roasters based up here and the coffee they produce has got to be the best I have ever had. Alternatively if you aren’t into coffee but love a good slice of cake and a cup of tea try out Cake Stories in Jesmond, you won’t regret it!

Drinks – There is unsurprisingly a rather large selection of places to drink in Newcastle and no matter what you like to drink, you are bound to find something that suits you. I am a cocktail or gin person and if that is you as well then head to The Botanist or Pleased To Meet You. If you prefer beer and ale then try The Bridge Tavern, they even have their own micro brewery on site.

Dinner – This one depends on what your budget is, if you are wanting to splash out (mains starting around £17) and enjoy some incredible quayside views then I would recommend Six at the Baltic. The food is divine and quite often locally sourced. The ambience is great and with the twinkly lights it all feels quite magical.

If you are looking to spend a little less money but have an equally good time then try Dabbawal, it serves what I would say is the best indian food in the area with locations in the city centre and Jesmond. There is a great mix of street food and the classic curries, yum!

For those of you who love tea no matter what time of day or night then pop along to the Quilliam Brothers, it is open until midnight and has the biggest selection of tea I have ever seen.. even more than my parents tea cupboards which is saying something!

Things To Do

If shopping isn’t your thing then don’t worry, Newcastle has plenty to offer. If you fancy taking in the sights then why not walk up Grey’s Monument (check in advance though because it is only open on certain days in the year and you have to buy tickets in advance).

The Baltic which is a centre for contemporary art is also visiting. There is always an interesting exhibition on and they also have a fantastic viewing box. The gift shop is also pretty impressive, my brother spent so long in there we ended up leaving him and getting a hot drink in the coffee shop on site.

If you fancy being creative in an alcoholic sort of way then The Botanist (mentioned above) holds cocktail making classes, what could be better?!

Newcastle really is a wonderful place to explore and I would definitely recommend visiting if you fancy a city break or checking out somewhere new.

P.S It’s true what they say, Geordies really are super friendly and lovely bunch!


2 thoughts on “A Day Out In – Newcastle

  1. Hey! A good read, thanks for
Sharing . I live in Northumberland and Newcastle is my closest city only a few miles away, you’ve opened my eyes to places to visit that even I didn’t know about !! Thanks 🙏🏼 I’m new to blogging, would you mind following me back and checking
Out my
Blog? Thanks Bex xx


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