Keeping Empty Properties Safe

The majority of us know someone who has been burgled, or worse, been the victim; if you’re selling an empty property, or are going away while your home is on the market, your home being a target can be a serious concern. It is therefore really important to make sure you do all you can to stop it from happening to you, especially with online property portals, sale boards and the use of social media by homeowners being a great place for criminals to scout for properties to target.

Below is some of my advice to try and reduce this risk:

  1. If nobody is living at the property, but you still have some personal belongings there, then clear what you can if possible. Don’t let photos be taken if you are halfway through clearing or sorting; not only does it not look as nice, it may also attract criminals, and particularly avoid expensive electronics. Wait until you are done, and only leave items such as furniture if you must.
  2. If you live near the empty property, or know someone who does, see if you can arrange for someone to keep an eye out for any obvious changes or signs of people snooping around. Simple things like cars being at the property at different times may be enough to throw off criminals scouting it out.
  3. Ensure that the house is properly secured: set burglar alarms and make sure windows and doors have good quality locks (and that they are used!)
  4. Make cancelling your insurance the last thing you do – that way, if the worst does happen, you are still protected.

As always, if you have any questions please do ask!


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