The Aga


The Aga is an iconic piece of equipment instantly recognisable in any kitchen; it is quintessentially British and is a feature in any home. It’s something that so many people dream of when planning a kitchen so I thought it was about time it featured in a post!

To cover the history of the Aga in brief, they were invented in 1922 by Dr Gustaf Dalen, who designed it to help his wife! To begin with ,they were predominantly fuelled by coal; however today you can get them powered by electricity, gas or oil, to suit your needs. They are built in Shropshire where their factory is located, and prices start at £8,445 for a 2-oven Aga to £12,295 and upwards for a 5-oven model.

The classic iconic colour is cream but today, the Aga can be purchased in a wonderful array of colours (including pistachio or aubergine!), to suit any kitchen, no matter what the style; from country kitch to super sleek and modern. I have to admit, however, I automatically think of the classic cream when talking about them.

Obviously the main purpose of an Aga is for cooking and they are praised by chefs and home cooks from around the world, including famously Mary Berry.  However, that isn’t where their use stops; they are also well known for being helpful to dry items of clothing on, warming the heart of the home and are great to sit next to and defrost on a cold winter’s day after a bracing walk!

The beauty of an Aga for cooking is that it is always ready to use, due to it maintaining consistent temperatures. This also means you can cook a variety of different foods in them, as each oven is at a different temperature. Finally, they are also rather forgiving when it comes to forgetting food – which is a godsend as we all seem to lead such busy lives! I once heard a story about someone who left in roast potatoes from a Sunday lunch and only remembered mid-week; amazingly, they still resembled roasties! Pretty impressive if true.

If you’re still undecided about getting one, or want to check them out for yourself, head down to your local Aga shop for expert advice.

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