Love Supreme

Last weekend we spent a wonderful long weekend at home back in Sussex, during which we went to the Love Supreme festival at Glynde Place. The festival is all about jazz, soul and funk music; it started on the Friday and lasted all weekend.

However, we only went on the Sunday due to having other commitments. We had an absloutely brilliant time! The music was just incredible: I knew it would be great but it was so much better than I could ever have imagined, with the added bonus of the weather being glorious!

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite parts with you in today’s blog post, in case you might be interested in going (pre-release tickets for 2018 come out today…) or just wanted to see what it was all about. Enjoy!

Music Highlights

The biggest thing for me was seeing Gregory Porter live. I knew he was going to be my favourite part of the festival but he really surpassed all expectations and was incredible! He really does have such wonderful voice and he captivates the crowd: everywhere you looked, people were dancing and had big grins on their faces.

Seeing Laura Mvula was fantastic, we saw her at the end of last year when she was on tour and she didn’t disappoint. My brother had never heard her music before but absolutely loved her style, and the way she chats to the audience like they are an old friend I think is just great.

There were so many fantastic musicians and I really do think everyone was excellent but other top moments for me were Kamasi Washington, Hot 8 Brass Band and the various groups playing at the Bandstand throughout the day. I really loved dipping in and out of what was going on there, a brilliant idea, as there was always something going on at other stages. An (unexpected) act were the pop-up band who seemed to form out of nowhere and played a short set!

Other Highlights

Family-friendly atmosphere – there were people of all different ages there which I loved, of course there were plenty of young people but also lots of older people and even babies all having a great time which was so nice to see!

Great food – there were so many choices for food and drink, we must have walked around for at least half an hour trying to decide, I finally settled on paella but the boys scoffed incredible looking Indian street food and wraps.

Toilets – I didnt have very high expectations for the toilets given the horror stories that you hear about at festivals, but these were actually okay (in that they always had hand sanitiser and toilet roll!)

Camping Tips

As mentioned we didn’t camp so I can’t really comment too much on this. but there seemed to be several areas including general admission camping, accesible camping, campervans and then glamping and ‘Love Supremium’ Camping. The latter two looked amazing and I imagine would have fabulous views of the festival and countryside beyond.

 I am already excited to see who will be on the line up for next year, I will definitely be buying tickets!


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