Dream Interiors: August

August is nearly over and unashamedly I am now super excited at the thought of Autumn. The warm weather vanished sometime ago.. actually scrap that I’m not sure it ever properly made an appearance here in Newcastle, so I am now well and truly overdue a roast dinner (roast beef.. yum) along with sitting by the wood burner.

Anyway before next week’s monthly favourites post I thought I would share some home bits that I am loving right now and where to get them from, we have a few wallet friendly purchases and them some splurges as well just in time for payday next week!

Monogram Mugs – Anthropologie

These are a great purchase, we have them at home and they are really cute to have around the house but I think they would make a lovely little gift as well. Asda do more affordable versions which we have at work and I love (you don’t end up getting someone else’s mug), I couldn’t find them online to include the link but they can be found in most stores I believe.


Bath & Bodyworks Candles

I have just ordered myself another ‘autumn’ scent 3-wick candle off ebay, sadly you can’t get them delivered to the UK which baffles me because I am sure Bath & Bodyworks would have a roaring trade if they did, but anyway you can still get your hand on them if you are quick from some ebayers. These candles are fabulous though, the 3-wick ones last yonks and the scents are great and last a long time which I like.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I never seem to bake that much in the summer but in autumn and winter I really enjoy it and get back into the baking groove. I absolutely love my KitchenAid stand mixer but it was definitely a splurge purchase. Mine is in the colour cafe latte but the copper one is also pretty dreamy!



The biggest splurge of the post but we recently bought an iMac and it’s brilliant, in fact it is what I am typing the blog post on. I definitely can’t provide any proper technical review but it is definitely pretty quick and very easy to use and if you are looking for a new desktop I would definitely suggest having a look at them.



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